Well 3 really’¦.Scott and Federov are a bit out classed lately.

For the Night:
Top Dog: Carrie’¦Both of her songs were in her wheel house and she did them great.

Bo and Vonzell : Between Bo’s great down home renditions and Vonzell’s attempts Whitney Houston style notes’¦they both stay frontrunners.

Federov ‘“ Cant really tell if he is getting any better’¦confidence is growing in him’¦but he puts too much Broadway in his performances’¦and Deb says he doesn’t have the ‘˜IT’™ factor anyways.

Scott ‘“ While doing a above average rendition of On Broadway’¦he still performs like a Gang Banger on Karaoke Night’¦.and he is still too cartoonish.

Scott should go tonight’¦although his audience of overeaters and people with felonies…is very large indeed.

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