My Ranking….

Bo- The cool thing about Bo’s songs is that they don’t need tweaking’¦as soon as it comes out of his mouth it can be put on a record and sold. Which is truly amazing considering he has one week to put it together.

Consintine ‘“ Came out first and did a clean rendition of a Bee Gees hit. Clean in the fact that it was safe…and nothing he hasn’t done before. Not dynamic’¦but spot on and entertaining none the less.

Vonzell ‘“ Got a little too excited with Chaka’s great ‘˜Every Woman’™ to the point she missed most of the beginning. But she has so much charm and fun about her that it didn’t really matter’¦. Safe once again.

Carrie ‘“ Ok’¦ everyone seemed to have loved it…but me. First of all is a horrible song and only reached prominence because an exception singer syncopated each line with the beat’¦2nd’¦ Carrie seemed had no idea what she was doing’¦and had no understanding of the song’¦and from the interview after’¦you realized she really had no clue about much of anything. That being said’¦. she did a passable job on a stinker of a song.

Ann Tone E ‘“ Finally seems relaxed’¦and took a song that was right in his wheelhouse’¦for the first time since the final 12’¦I want to give him another week.

Anwar ‘“ His technical knowledge of music is starting to hurt him. He has no fire in his belly to entertain. He is becoming stiff again.

Tard ‘“ Seemed ok when I heard it the first time’¦but after Bo and Vonzell performed, I see he is really out of his element and way below par’¦not enough power…. not enough polish’¦not enough facial hair’¦not enough anything but weight’¦.time to go home.

Overall not really seeing someone as ‘THE’ American Idol (name alone disquilifies ‘the velvet commie’) but I am sure when we get down to 5..all will become clearer.

-Don OUT!!

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