Consintine ‘“ This was the most entertaining performance I have seen so far’¦for not only did he have the balls to take Bohemian Rhapsody’¦he nailed it. Don’t be believe me’¦ -CLICK to WATCH-

Vonzell ‘“ Nails another fun performance with ‘œLets hear it for the boy’ (Footloose was a great flick) she moved up a register from the original’¦but still made it work.

Anwar ‘“ I think it was his best so far’¦stayed within his wheelhouse’¦and actually keep my interest. My mom liked Dionne so I heard that song many times’¦. and normally that’s bad for a idols because I compare too much’¦but Anwar did it justice.

Bo- Hmmm rock anthem ‘˜Freebird’™ was a dangerous choice’¦1. Its sacred ground’¦2 Its not really a singers song’¦but Bo did his thing…and made the performance passable.

Carrie ‘“ Oh Carrie’¦luvs girl’¦but doing Pat Benatar (rasp and all)’¦then forgetting the words, knocks you off the perch. You should have enough clout to carry to the next round’¦but no promises (the no bra thing may hurt a bit too’¦although I liked it)

Tard ‘“ Horrible’¦horrible’¦horrible beginning to the hall & Oats ‘˜She’s Gone’˜ (who were in attendance) but the chorus was spot on and worked well’¦ should allow him to hang around one more week.

Turner ‘“ Mac Davis?’¦now I like Mac..but come on…if it isn’t ‘˜Don’t get hooked on me’™ then don’t do it live’¦bad song choice and it hurt a lot worse when you compare to everyone else this week.

Feds ‘“ The horse race has started and the Federov and Scott are going to have a hard time keeping up. ‘˜Every time you go’™ is an ok song’¦but when you throw fed’s slow Broadway style into it’¦it just sounds wrong. (time to go commie)

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