Here they are in order of Best to Worst:

Carrie ‘“ First one to sing a ‘˜musical type’™ song the way it was written. And WOW.. better than most live musical performances I have seen. Song was boring but she made it watchable and interesting.

Consintine ‘“ ‘œMy Funny Valentine’ started a bit off.. but had great moments throughout He has been getting better each week.

Anwar – R&B version of Camelot. Kind of cool and you can tell he really know his music. His voice still seems whinny to me ‘¦and a bit white.

Vonzell ‘“ ‘œPeople’ not as clean or personal as Queen Jew’s original’¦but not bad either. She missed the last note but not by much.

Bo- Throwing darts at the song list came up with Pippen. I saw Pippen in the early eighties with William Katt and Ben Vereen’¦.and I can honestly say’¦horrible choice. Bo did his best with a unmelodic mess and maintained a steady 5th place.

Nikko ‘“ Climbs out of my bottom feeder staus…but not by much…too many runs’¦very weak start’¦and Paula’s quest to run up on the stage and spread her legs for him is starting to get on my nerves.

Turner ‘“ ‘œAs long as he needs me’ sung as a sultry R&B lounge singer was kinda neat…but she couldn’t hit the highs or the ending’¦so below par all around.

The Velvet Commie ‘“ AnnTonies ‘œClimb Every mountain’ as arranged by Andrew Lloyd Weber (his cheery soft rock updates grate on me) anyway’¦Fez finally finds a song gay enough to match his highs’¦but still was subpar in arrangement and execution.

Tard ‘“ Scott personal version of ‘˜Impossible dream’™ worked in his favor’¦but no one likes his favor anymore’¦so I pick him to go.

Results tonight

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