Since we hit the halfway point for 2002, I decided to post my Top Ten Flicks for this Year so far.
In other news Dan asked me to build him a Video Editing Computer. I convinced him to pick up the new T1600 E-Machine. So last night I installed the Firewire Card/Memory/100 G Hard Drive and Software he wanted. He also wanted 20 G’s of data from one of is other machines transferred over. The E-Machine and XP Home took like a duck to water without a single hiccup. The South Koreans are really coming around.
Full System:
Athlon 1.6 Ghz runnng XP Home
40G + 100G Hard drives
512 M DDR Ram
16x CDR
Firewire / USB 2.0
Final Cost $700

Old Friend Andy Muckle is accepting a job in New York and is moving sometime next month. Jeff and I are scouring our old videos to find any footage so we can make a montage for a farewell party. Should be fun.

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