Trying to pound this out before the results show starts’¦’¦’¦’¦..

Well’¦just about everyone blew’¦blew badly’¦but the makeup on everyone was great..

Turner (Puff) Best all around…No one better last night.

Constantine (Rocker 1) A surprising step up from the early rounds.

Bo Bice (Rockers 2) Both of them played the parts and hit the notes.

All the top three are safe…the rest are two levels down

Jessica Sierra..A valiant effort to remain above the losers…but more spice is needed and a honing of the notes could help too.

Vonzell ‘“ Simon said it’¦’you strive for the middle’’¦ she does good performances’¦ and good songs’¦that’s it’¦just GOOD.

Federov’¦my underdog’¦.but performed below par’¦Off Key and boring. He did kind of sound like he had a few drinks in him.

Nikko Smith.. Stepping in for Mario was an easy step’¦singing a song only Michael Jackson can sing ‘¦at 12’¦is near impossible’¦. valiant effort’¦.but horrible.

Anwar Robinson ‘¦Took a barley recognizable 60’s song’¦and made it completely recognizable’¦and bad.

Carrie Underwood’¦Jeez’¦what happened’¦.We know you are a good country singer’¦make every song country you will be fine’¦whole song was just off.

Scott Savol ..Nice’¦but he moves like Neil Diamond (and those in the know’¦.know what I mean) He is incapable of spark.

Mikalah Gordon ‘¦Superjew’¦Son of a preacher man’¦by Fran Dresher’¦and yes…it was that irritating.

Lindsay (Tall Hottie) 80 percent of the notes were good’¦but every three bars she did a two-tone note that I’™m sure only dogs could appreciate.

DONE’¦with 1 hour and 2 minutes to spare’¦

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