My Rankings for the night’¦

Bo Bice (Whitesnake) Technically he can’t be a surprise anymore…so I will just say he lived up to the hype, perfect and personal rendition of ‘˜Whipping Post’™

Anthony Fedorov (Treak) No longer playing safe’¦the Mormon Aiken showed off his voice and great range’¦smooth as a bowling lane.

Anwar Robinson (Teach) Started a lot slower then last week’¦but you can see he understands music and kept it under control.

Mario Vazquez (Jamriqui) Still part of the same top 5 as yesterday’¦clean, fun and should easily stay another week.

Constantine Maroulis (Rocker) A few chinks in the armor as he sang’¦But has enough personality to move on’¦.starting to see a lack of range with him.

David Brown (Theo) He had one good run’¦but otherwise a very boring song. There seems to be something under the surface with him’¦but if he doesn’t tap it soon’¦he may be gone next week.

Scott Savol (Tard) He did some Luther’¦just like Luther’¦just white. Seemed pretty safe considering all the others tonight’¦but should hang around one more week.

Nikko Smith (Usher) Switched from Usher to Bobby Brown with his look’¦but he just doesn’t seem to be able to keep up with the pack.

Joseph Murena (Cher) 100% better than last week’¦but the bar is so high now’¦he may never catch up.

Travis Tucker (Pretty Boy) Better than last week but still the weakest voice’¦defiantly showed a fun side (and a bit funky)’¦but bottom three all the way.

Travis and Joe should go on Wednesday…

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