Tuesday was the girl’s day’¦here is my report (In order of the best first)

Carrie Underwood (Yearwood) The one to watch..nailed her performance and was the closest to perfect on the night.

Nadia Turner (Puff) Brought down the house with funky redidtion of ?? ..She mixed a great performance with a unknown but fun song.

Aloha Mischeaux ( Shug) Sung some old time blues with style’¦ a little too 1930’s juke joint for me’¦right down to he floppy breasts and hem line not low enough.

Jessica Sierra (Cortney) Boobs!.uniqe dress made up form some performance issues, sultry like a young cortney love.

Melinda Lira (Cho) She has a voice’¦but taking on Celine was a bad choice’¦she didn’t have the range (and maybe 2 people do) and he dumpy appearance made the whole thing kinda weird.

Celena Rae (Pixi) Very cute and spot on’¦should be safe.

Lindsey Cardinale (Tall Hottie) Smooth voice just made the performance boring. All the notes were hit’¦but she performed it a litte too adult.

Mikalah Gordon (Fran) Bubbly and irritating at the same time. She performed more than she sang’¦very infectious’¦buyin a stinging nettle kinda way.

Amanda Avila (Rocio) I don’t even remember her’¦did she even sing?

Vonzell Solomon (Wayans) Started the night with a safe solid performance. A bit pitchy but it landed her in the middle of the pack.

Sarah Mather (Kim Williams) Showed some energy but also showed her limitations with a bad song and horrible dancing.

Janay Castine (Hobbit) Looked nice before the song started, but then she became a shuttering, nervous wreck. Got through it, but needs to get her nerves under control

Janay and Sarah should go tonight’¦.but the bottom 6 were all the same level’¦so any of them should be ok.

VOTING TONIGHT’¦Results and commentary tomorrow’¦

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