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Wrap up of the fall season / My top shows:
Daily Show – Still the best news (fake) show on TV
Alias – Great new addition to television. A smart version of Le Femme Nikita. Great season finale. Thank god they choose a brunette this time. Jennifer is great, and owns the role. Below is a picture from the upcoming movie-Daredevil- where she plays the baddie-Elektra-

X-Files– The end came and was nothing too special. But it was a great End. Hopefully more movies will be made. I think the 4 person ensemble will work well. But it-s up to Carter to start the engines again. Season 2 was still the bomb. Wong/Morgan/Bowman and Nutter fine-tuned that season into the best TV had to offer. They have been living off of that year ever since.
West Wing– Still the best writing of any show. It is neat to see them try to integrate Republican policy into a Democratic White House in an attempt current.
The Shield– Darker version of NYPD blue set in L.A. Chiklis is perfect. Best actor will be coming his way.

A Few Movies I saw last week.

Bad Company (2.8 of 5) – Well-it was in focus. Joel Schumacher still sucks-sorry Joel. You have not made a commercial viable film since-A Time to Kill- and before that-Flatliners- You raped Batman, made a dark film (8mm) way to dark, God only know what you were doing with Tigerland and Flawless. And you still have no idea how to shoot a fight scene. That said, Chris was good, Tony is to old for something like this, And the CIA still looks stupid. This year-s-Spy Game- and-Sum of all Fears- are ten times the movie this is. Went to the Bridge for this one.

Sum of All Fears (3.9 of 5) – My first Clancy book, and the first Clancy for Ben Affleck and Phil Robinson. Phil, you made 2 of the 30 best films of the decade (Field of Dreams and Sneakers) This doesn-t match those but you have beaten of Phillip Noyce-s attempts at Clancy. There were a few hiccups, referencing Clinton when this story really takes place just before him. But that was the only one. Great tension, Great Bomb, Great acting across the board. Ben is Ryan 5 years before Alec-s Ryan-and it fits. Harrison did a great Ryan, but was too old for the stories they chose. The latest books-Bear and Dragon- and-Debt of Honor- are more for Harrison age. Hopefully-Without Remorse- is next (No Jack Ryan at all). That is still my favorite and makes-Clear and Present Danger- a better movie and book. Up to the Regal for this one.

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