It’s early in the year but the New York Times has really taken its 2006 mantra to heart: ‘˜Anti-Conservative Stupidly for only 50 cents a day’™ and when not making up stories or headlining the down side of this administrations positive stats, the NYT in their infinite wisdom did some thing inexcusable on January 7th. They published a story (with diagrams) on the least armored points of our marine and army flack jackets. That’s right’¦they released worldwide, the best place to aim to kill our soldiers ‘¦during wartime’¦.I KID YOU NOT!!


The republicans in the arms services committee went off their rocker over this’¦and yet no news service (except the balanced one’¦you know who I am talking about) reported it. In her own back yard and Hillary ‘œlook at me ‘¦I’™m Moderate’ Clinton didn’t even raise an eyebrow. Instead’¦we get the tizzy that is the 24 hour delay in reporting Chaney’s ‘˜Shoot a Lawyer free-for-all’™’¦was it a cover-up?’¦.was it deliberate?’¦.did he impregnate Angelina?…..gimme a break.
They have the balls to print treasonous info (starting with the B-52 altitude info leaked during the Vietnam War’¦some people know what I am talking about) and yet cower to the Radical Muslims by not showing the cartoons that have started all these riots worldwide’¦..WHAT THE HELL CONSTITUTES NEWS TO THESE GUYS!.

I remember the days when journalists went out and got the news’¦now they make the news or ARE the news.

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