Been a long week. Projector is up- DVDO Line-Doubler working perfectly. Two small snags: The red tube seems to have water stains (probably from coolant) on the lens. It-s not bad but it makes a section of the screen appear a little out of focus. The other problem is the blue tube. It has slight burn-in. The tube was run at 80% of the entire tube (Zoomed in). So the outside is 20 percent in brighter than the middle. I run the TV at 70% of the tube for my 4:3 viewing. So I never notice it. But when I expand the image to 16×9 for the DVDs and Laserdiscs the far edges glow blue. Only way to fix that is a new tube. Other than that, everything focused and converged perfectly. The image is twice the quality of my Sharpvision 37U so I am very happy. Next up-clean the red lens (Got to open the case) and get a new blue tube (but not this month).
Off to Laughlin this Thursday for camping/scuba/tubing/beer and sun. Boat and trailer are ready. Rest will be done tomorrow. Tight group this time, only 9 people are going.
Movie: Insomnia (3.8 of 5) Chris Nolan does a good job on a remake of a sub-par 6-year-old Scandinavian movie. I guess this proves that if you cant get distribution for your foreign film, sell the plot to the Americans. The story uses-UNFORGIVEN- as a base for the there-are-no-good-guys story. The acting was perfect, but you don-t really like anybody-except Dooley. The visuals were very good, you learn to hate the sun. Could not get over the fact that someone built a house at water level on a glacier lake. One break-off and the house would be gone.

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