Clean Slate November 2003
Move in day.

First Up Run cables from back of the room up to the ceiling for component inputs used power from removed rear ceiling fan.
Installed 4×8 foot screen built for the Big ‘M’ last year over window.
Installed Electrome ECP 4100 projector to the ceiling.

Phase Completed – January 2004
Just in time for Superbowl.

New Projector and mount – 2-4-05

The Electrohome 4100 finally gave up the ghost…an autopsy revealed a faulty HV power supply. One of the harder units to replace on this 20 year old machine. So I was at a crossroads. Repair the unit (It had 2 tubes past the life cycle as well) or go with new technology. I choose the later’¦.

I decided on the Sanyo PLVZ2, it basically has the same Hi-Def LCD’s as in the Great Sony HS10 and all the current Grand Wega RPTV’s ‘¦but with manual lens controls to cut on the cost.

Mounting: The Electrhome was a 90 lb behemoth that required 2 joists to mount’¦the Sanyo PLVZ2 (9lbs) can be lifter with one hand’¦.but I still needed a mount that could cover the wires and power conduit and still move the projector forward a foot to cover the shorter lens throw.

This mount is made from redwood 2’x4’ frame with a 1/8’ hardwood sheet covering the gap. 2 ½ ‘œ threaded PVC end caps on either end of a 2 foot drop using 2 1/2’ PVC pipe.
The lower harness is a triangle piece of 1/8’ hardwood covered in fiberglass resin for strength and attached to the projector with three 3’ stainless bolts to allow for leveling.

I will have screen shots after superbowl so you can see the Hi-Def Signal on it………
PBS Baby Yea

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