Well well well you Sith MF’s, Attack of the Clones came out yesterday. But i was lucky enough to get a call on Tuesday from deb inviting me to an advance screening sponsored by Frito-Lay at 6:30pm on Wednesday. Whoo Hoo.
I got off work at 4:00 and took Tina,John and deb to the Sherman Oak Galleria for the show. We arrived at 5:30 and were the 15th people in line…not to shabby.
Let the Trailers begin…..A small rumble on a black screen for 5 seconds..then a stream of green letters from the top..HOLY SHIT!!! The Matrix Reloaded.AHHHHHHHHHHH. Just a teaser but good god..that was coooool!!!..next up Goldmember…Finally…a funny one..the 2 previous teasers were lame. This is a teaser too but much funnier…and a way we go.
ATTACK OF THE CLONES: (4.2 of 5) Overall I love this movie, The shear size of the last 45 min is amazing. It’s nice to see CGI just cant be done by people on their mac’s at home. These scenes needed real power to produce. Much like the Jpark series. This movie made E1 better (I like E1 by they way..Jar Jar too..so no flames please) and made E4-6 better too. Everybody has more depth..You know Obiwan not by Ewan..but by Alec..and it all fits together. This helps the movie..and hurts it too…i mean you know the people that dont die..they have to be around for 4,5, and 6. The is the problem with being an adult and seeing this movie..you bring to much baggage. Thats why Lord of the rings suffers a bit….we know the whole story already. But 10 year olds don’t..and thats what makes these films great.
What i loved: The size and scope, Bad-ass Yoda layin the smack down, The poor tuskin raiders..he he, Amidala’s Clothes (Deb says she is a cock-tease…i agree) and her nipples for that fact (You will know when you see it) Mace layin the smack-down, but what really caught my eye was 3 shots during the clone landings in the main battle. Georges skill with camera has allways been “Plain” but it works for kevin smith..so i’m not gonna fault him for it. He puts the eye candy in the frame..but doesnt move the camer to much, in the cgi scenes it make the zoom and focus very mechanical. After a while you get used to it..then bam..during the battle..he does a few WARTIME PHOTOGRAPHER shots.
Quick natural zooms to other ships landing..out of focus pans…and the like..it worked for me on a whole other level..i thought i was there..on the battlefield..very cool indeed.
What I Didn’t Like: First of all..it was fuzzy and the dark scenes had NTSC bands like when your camcorder doesnt have enough light. After some research i found out that all the film prints looked like this because of the Telecine transfer, and that the 60 theaters worldwide that where showing it Digtally didn’t have these problems. So I will see it again in one of these theaters. The love story was too long, Jango needed a better fight, and I wanted a better Tusken Beat-Down. But the thing that bothered me the most…no cheering, sure the yoda fight scene got some..but nothing else did. There wasnt a narrow escape by the M-Falcon while the death star was was exploding around it…or han solo taking out darth just before killing luke…no great tension or release.
But besides all that…top notch george…cant wait for E3..you have alot of ground to cover..get those cameras going.
As a side note..My nephew jaymes alled me about 7pm on Thursday to try to scoop me on EII (he just saw it), he was very disappointed that i saw it already….the super cool king of movies maintains his crown..Whooo Hoo
P.S. seeing it again tonight with other friends, Gonna mount my TV on Saturday, Gonna pick up Regs from Dive and Surf today, and i won a DVDO line doubler from Ebay this morning. So now i have 20 bucks in my pocket…but alot of cool shit…he he

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