Well Well Well..I have been holding off on this one’¦we haven’t had a good death penalty debate in old CA for a while. But Tookie is set to be juiced in a week’¦so time is running out.

Ok the facts:
Tookie Williams Started the Crypts
Tookie Williams was found guilty of murdering 4 people.
Tookie Williams has exhausted all of his appeals.
Tookie Ran the crypts from jail up until 10 years ago when put in solitary.
Out of solitary he found God and has written children’s books (with a ghost writer)
Some anonymous elected official nominated him for a Nobel prize in literature. (twice)
Named ‘˜King of Kwanzaa’™ for the 2005 Los Angeles parade’¦too bad its on the 24th’¦(bad timing there)

So there we are’¦.is that enough’¦.should he die?…should he get clemency?

The anti-death penalty crowd (Mike Farrell’¦et al.) always have the same argument’¦..the system is racist’¦.state cant deicide life’¦.what if they are wrong’¦its not a deterrent (still not sure how you gauge that last one). The conservatives have the D/A do the talking’¦so we don’t really need a voice. But when it’s all over the news’¦and Snoop Dogg (says the books helped him) and Jamie Foxx (who played ‘˜Tookie’™ in the movie Redemption’¦don’t feel bad if you didn’t see it’¦no one did )are in the mix’¦someone has to speak on the other side.

I’™m going to take the Karma route’¦’¦
1. Started the Crypts, responsible for over 2000 murders (that’s a modest figure) in 30 states over the last 30 years.
2. Forced a grocery clerk on the ground then shot him in the back with a shotgun’¦laughing as he ‘˜gurgled’™.
3. Broke into a families business and murdered the parents and their daughter.

That’s at least 2004 lives’¦.He cant live long enough to even out the Karma’¦It would take Earl like 112 seasons to make amends’¦so I say we should cut our losses and give the rights back to the victims next week. If Arnold breaks down and grants clemency’¦that will be the end of his political life’¦and the start of ‘˜murder who want’¦you can get away with it with the right publicist’™’¦a law only California and Massachusetts can claim.

1:30pm Monday……….Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger refused to spare the life of Stanley Tookie Williams, the founder of the murderous Crips gang who awaited execution early Tuesday .

Enjoy the meal tonight Tookie…..and the 60 seconds of tomorrow.

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