After a Shooting

  1. Gun model must be included.
  2. Parental situation required for all shooters under 21
  3. Are SSRI’s involved?

When someone dies three questions must be asked:

  1. Were they vaccinated.
  2. Were they on Epstein’s List.
  3. Do they have a connection to the democratic party?

Whenever a Celebrity Attacks President Trump.

  1. Are they vaccinated?
  2. Did they request to be on Celebrity Apprentice – and denied?
  3. Did they ever meet him or ask him for money in the last 20 years?
  4. Are they on Epstein’s List?

To a straight person, the Q cover all the other letters.

BLM and ‘Believe All women’ exist because they justifiably never EARNED trust.

Lizzo is fat….the law that oppresses her is gravity.

In all other sports women use the same equipment as men…..Why don’t women use a baseball?

‘Never hit a woman’ does not apply to cops on duty.

The great capitalist society divider is IQ (education can add 20 points if you complete)

The government states all men are created equal…why does every Democrat law say differently?

G Maxwell was convicted of trafficking kids……to and for who?

A few leftist historians said that Donald Trump would be the last elected President…I was surprised they were right.

Trump is a ‘Liar and a Fascist’ statements will no longer be valid without 2 references.

If the BBBY decision to cancel My Pillow was political and not financial…then the CFO suicide is fitting not tragic.

Ranked choice voting is a workable system. But you must whittle down to two not 51%. Otherwise it can be gamed. It is a way to remove a primary from the election system…Using as a primary AND Main election destroys the one man one vote statute. (All that being said…..Sarah Palin will easily win November election)

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