To try to catch some of the firestorm from Survivor, Producer Mark Burnett created ‘Combat Missions’ for USA Network. It pitted Military and Police Squads against each other in Navy SEAL style missions. But of the 4 Squads competing, DELTA squad had the real studs. Two bad ass Navy SEALS, four Marines, and the team was led by a true CIA asset. Second in command was Scott , he and Baz led the Delta’s through missions at break neck speed. Finally getting eliminated in the final squad episode in week 13. So who is he and why did he die?’¬¶Well… two days ago four civilians were attacked, burned and dragged through the streets of Fallujah in Iraq. Scott was one of civilians. He was working security. Mark Burnett (after hearing the news) – “That’s what, in a time of need, true American warriors like Scott would do”

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