Well well well’¦whats been going on’¦.
Went camping over Easter with Deb’s sister, boyfriend and other family members. The destination was Lake Henshaw. Despite the overall bad planning by the trip coordinator (no hookups, party back in the city on Saturday and a midnight egg coloring party) the trip turned out fine. I don’t think I saw any other white people there, that didn’t have tracks running up their arms that is. Most of the Mexican campers kept the parties going way into the night playing that almost circus-like ‘œRoadium Swap Meet’ music. Not too cool’¦not to hot’¦and lively conversations with Kevin and his dad’¦kept the trip from dropping to a dismal outing.

Bush Press Conference.
To help get the message out to the political fence sitters, bush held a no-holds barred press conference to allow the rabid press dogs to ask some questions. 50 percent of which was ‘œ Are you sorry?’ Christ people get over it’¦. I don’t want him sorry’¦I want him to kick ass, I want him to lead, I want him to get the third-world-backward-ass-country-fucks up to speed so they can compete in the world instead of trying to blow up what they fear. Drop rates=economy grows’¦that’s all that needs to be done inside the borders’¦now lets fix the world, cause one of the ‘˜hate religions’™ out there has a shitload of members’¦but only cause they don’t know any better. Lets surgically remove the baddies from the earth so we can get democratic Muslim nations over the 50% hump. If we can do that the other Demo-Muslim will join in our fight without fear. Back to the conference’¦they tried to shake Bush with some of Clark’s and the commissions findings, but he held stead fast to the mission at hand and said we are not losing’¦I’™m not losing the election’¦We’™re not losing the theater of Iraq’¦We’™re not losing the War on Terror.
Of course forcing American Idol to change time slots so you can have a press conference means the terrorists have already one’¦..snicker.

Condie on the Hill.
Condoleezza Rice rewarded the persistent 9/11 committee with the presence of her huge IQ. The abusive attack by Kerry (The one I elected’¦not the nominee) was like the tiny biplanes going after King Kong. It seemed like a rewind of the Ollie North questioning’¦you knew the democrat manned board would attack hard and fast, and a lesser person would fold. But in the end right beat might’¦and another true American patriot beat back the weak minded liberals. Rice/Powell 2008’¦.I’™m volunteering tomorrow!!

9/11 Commission
The testimony is wrapping up, and so far it just seemed that Carter’s shift from personal to technological surveillance was the turning point of the slide of US defense. Regan’s build up was worthless because he had no one to fight’¦and Clinton’s tear down of the intelligence and military machine demoralized the system to make it almost unusable. In essence creating a paper tiger. And while they don’t want to admit it..9/11 has probably started the greatest move to worldwide democracy since WWII. And the start of putting boot to ass to vanquish evil throughout the world. Boo Yaa

This weekend is Kill Bill Volume II weekend!!!

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