Spidey is out…can’t see it till sunday when i get to San Diego…but i am jazzed.
The REGS i won on ebay..First and Second Stage seem fine…but the Pressure gauge doesn’t work. Could be the gauge/1st Stage HP/HP line. AHHHHHH. I need to take it in to have the Dive n’ Surf Guys check the whole thing anyways. Most important gauge…and it ain’t working’.
Deb is coming’ home tonight around 8pm. I am almost out of clothes , so from 6-8 i will do wash.
I lost the Ebay bid i had on that SONY M8u camera yesterday..I fell asleep and the winner just bid a dollar over my highest…bastard. Anyways I found another one on EBAY and i bid the same amount (38 bucks) it is currently at $39 but I’m not gonna start the war till it gets closer to closing (Tomorrow).
On a surprising note: Ricks Movie Graphics sent me my Reign of Fire Poster:

I thought it was back ordered for a week….but it just showed up…coool. I took down the AN Redux poster behind my desk, and put the new one there…..ahhhhhh all is good.

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