The season seemed odd…Goff never threw down the field all season. So we didn’t have a dominate offense. But it was good enough…our defense was number one in the league and dragged us to the wildcard slot. Goff broke thumb in week 15…Whitworth went down the week before…. Akers was hurt…Kupp was hurt…but we got to the wildcard…shut down the Seahawk offense…and in the win, lost Aaron Donald along the way. We limped into the divisional game against the well-rested number one seed Green Bay Packers…in Lambeau. Donald would be 50%, Cooper Kupp was out and we still had no one to stretch the field. Packers played great…we played good considering. Since Goff seemed to degrade from 2018 form, I’m sure there will some talk about if he is the right guy. Broken thumb…3 80+ yard scoring drives against the Green Bay packers…. yea…he will do.  The New SoFi Stadium (Kroenke’s Canyon) has winning playoff team…and hopefully more to come.

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