January 15th 2021

1 year into the COVID-19 scare I have 10 people I know (3 direct and 2 extended family) that had it (9 recovered without any issue…1 died in two days after diagnosis…although with a lot of preexisting conditions). My take from all my research…A standard virus with high virility and fast infection. It doesn’t warrant lockdowns…thus the democrat led response is scam.

Now for the Big one:

Our world is about to change in the within the next 5 days

It won’t be with Biden in-charge, or Kamala.

It will be the kind of change where you will question everything you know.

It will be with 190,000 issued arrest warrants

It will involve 20+ nations

It will involve Marshall Law (more of a secure lockdown)

It’s going to be tough to swallow…. but I believe when the real evidence is shown in the coming MONTHS it will all make sense. (yes…this will be a long haul)

And it’s primary goal is to destroy the evil that has taken over so many systems around the world.

It will destroy the swamp…but I hope people understand that the good of the world will not be harmed and hopefully not targeted by the cabal in its final throws. Stay Strong…even if you fell for the lies…it doesn’t make you stupid…just trusting…and that is a human virtue.

And President Trump will go down as the one of greatest leader of free people on earth.

Stay Calm…. justice is coming….and in the end, will save the our republic…and the world.

That’s what I think…… but I could be wrong

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