Got a call from the Projector Guys…Unit is fixed and will be shipped out today. Whoo Hooo!
So..another week of waiting..gotta start combing EBAY for a DVDO line doubler. And finding the perfect spot to hang the projector (Hope the ceiling holds)
Deb left for Chicago last night. So i 4:20’d and watched the mummy…Coooooooooooool..I should get an update from her today.
Greg and Denise called from Nor Cal yesterday..I came across (that is not a pun) a transsexual picture that looks just like Denise, I sent it to Greg..he was amazed..he showed it to Denise..she was shocked. They called to say hi, and to ask who i showed it to…hmmmmm..I wonder…he he. Boobs are to small.. it’s not her. but here is a PG version.

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