Hi ho all,
Called The people I got the Projector from…they recieved the unit and will fix it on monday. One of the items on my Sharpvision was the Cygnus De-Pixelization Filter ($600 in 1996) it worked wonders. I went to the Cygnus for fun today and found out that my filter will fit on the SONY VPL-10ht LCD projector i have had my eye on for the last year…hmmmmm. So if the the Electrohome can’t get fixed…I saving for a Sony.

Eric Jacoby crashed his database again…after checking it over i found that the same backup tape has been in their server for 2 month, erasing and copying over itself. So gladly blame was spead over multiple people, instead of just me. I sent the dtabase file to Mountech and the repaired it with no problem.

Middle East is still heating up. We are going to have to go back to the crusades to solve this one.
Baretta got arrested for killing his wife today.
My Office is STILL a mess from the movie.
Going to the Opening Night of Avengers Arena Football Tonight…I will try to post some pics.
Hope to see Scorpion King this weekendas well.
The Number 3 movie on my must see list (REIGN OF FIRE) is supposed to get a trailer this weekend, hopefully i can find it online.
All for now……..

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