Howdy all,
Well..I won my E-bay auction for a Electrohome HDTV Projector..

After a week in half it showed up. Powered up at work..seemed fine..didn’t bother converging till i got home. Once home turned on once..then never again. AHHHHHHHH. After a week of phone calls to the guys we nailed it down to a fuse behind the main panel. Once replaced the projector fired up but the green tube just kept flashing on an off. After talkin to the guys in WI, we decided to send it back to see if they could fix it. Shipped it out 2 days ago..should get there by 17th. While the waiting game started up in full swing something else i bid on: “ECP Ceiling Mount” came in. Good condition..ready to roll..all I need is a projector.
All is not lost, I am using the old LCD projector from work for the time being..not as good as my sharp, but it does the job. If they cant fix ECP4100 and they give me my money back..I will probably just get the sharpvision fixed.

Ice Age: (3.5 of 5) Blue sky did a good job, story was cute..but Shrek was more fun.

High Crimes: (2.5 of 5) Lame remake of deb and I’s first movie Double Jeopardy

Big Trouble: (3 of 5) Fun Dave Barry romp. All was fun, but hardly made sense.

Panic Room: (3.8 of 5) Great Thriller, David Fincher is always fun to watch, Dont know where foster got the breasts, but worked for me.

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