Patrick (BLAISE ‘˜Roper’™) – Bad song…good try’¦he deserves more chances…but middle of the road this round.

David Radford – Wow’¦awful’¦it was like a Simpsons character singing’¦too cartoony’¦no range’¦outclassed’¦but it was funny.

Bucky Covington ‘“ When you think great vocals you think Skynard’¦NOT. Bucky grunted through it as best he could’¦which is not much. Smoother song next time should get him closer to Bo level.

William (BRADY) ‘“ Fun’¦clean and just as enjoyable as the original’¦Lets keep him away from small boys. Best so far tonight.

Jose (SWAY) ‘“ High and smooth …sometimes too high’¦.good job.

Chris Daughtry ‘“ Bon Jovi RULES!!!! ..nailed it’¦could hop in stage tonight and no one would miss Jon. Better than Bo would have done’¦more power. Superb. Takes the top spot.

Kevin (POTTER) ‘“ bring on the lisp’¦you have to close you eyes to tolerate it….no range’¦no chance’¦but still a brave little boy. Half Blood prince is outclassed. Easily the best in a high school musical, but not here. Cheek pinching was cute.

Gedeon (POOTIE) McKinney ‘“ Book report intro’¦he he’¦Shout’¦ the alligator’¦fun and fast…doesn’t really show any range’¦but still very good.

Elliot (ET) Yamin ‘“ sounds like it was written by a blind man’¦bad song’¦above average performance. Should be safe’¦don’t really like the fiddle on the roof beard.

Bobby Bennet ‘“ Copacabana’¦oh yea baby’¦Divine sings!…female impersonator aside’¦it was fun’¦.very silly’¦bad last note was awful’¦outclassed

Ace ‘“ Ohhhhh’¦he is McDreamy’¦Father Figure…Right on with just enough to make it his own’¦Excellent. (Debs wants that one for her Nano) ..Watched it twice.

Taylor (COCKER) ‘“ Last but not least’¦Elton John was not what I think would work for him’¦I was wrong’¦Great’¦go get em old man…whoooooo!!

Chris (will be around along time)
Ace (Ditto)
Bobby *
Potter *
David *

* Time to go boys

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