Mandisa (Chunk) – ‘˜Heart’™ yea’¦.she sang it strong, could not finish a few notes, but made it much more fun. Red lingerie and 280 pounds doesn’t not mix

Pickle – Very down home’¦great first verse’¦few problems with runs’¦but otherwise very good. Great story at the end.

Becky (Brooke) ‘“ She is beautiful and sultry. Not quite the right song’¦ was off throughout the song’¦horrible last note. Performance was better than the singing.

Ayla (Hottie) ‘“ Deb want to call her man hands’¦song was good choice to start for her. Slow with good highs. Not pop style ‘¦but very smooth and good.

Paris (Pip) ‘“ In her wheel house ‘¦even look like Gladys’¦Somebody just needs to sign her and get this over with. In the words of Simon’¦GREAT

Stevie (Opera) ‘“ Needs a lipstick change’¦Bad song’¦way to timid ‘¦worst so far.

Brenna (Poser) ‘“ Weak opening….to low’¦warmed up near the end’¦looked like she was taking a dump at the end. Can someone have TOO much personality?

Heather (Stalker) ‘“ Too soft start’¦weak throughout’¦run was sub-par’¦all too low’¦cute though.

Melissa ‘“ Most adult performance of the group so far’¦great runs…very sultry.

Lisa ‘“ Sexy is bad for 16’¦I don’t care who you are. Her chops are on Paris’s level’¦got a bit whinny in the middle. She will get stronger’¦Top 3 of this group.

Kinnik (Jaws) ‘“ Even more adult than Melissa’¦elegant’¦smooth and near perfect.

Katherine (McHot) ‘“ Doing Babs’¦errrr’¦.sultry turn.. good but a bit dull..runs were very good’¦overall well above average.

My Order :

Paris (hands down)
Poser *
Stalker *
Brooke *

* Not sure these can recover…sooner gone the better

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