Woke Up (7am)
Took Shower
Got to Work – Hooked up new XM Radio in Bill’s Office
Signed up online – Very Cool
Winrep still not updating on the Cytrix Server.
Figured out is was updating to C: when it need to update to D:
Message on phone: Accounting Backup still failing.
At 4:45 updated Norton AV and DLT drive drivers – Reboot
Tested system twice – All OK
Left work at 5 – Off to Altivo Timepeices (Firewall Problems)
Listened to XM – Laugh XL (good R-rated stuff)
Arivved at Altivo at 6:00 fix took 5 mins (he paid me for an hour- drive and all)
Left for casenotes, jimmy wasnt available till 8:30 so i sat and listened to XM for an hour and a half.
Jimmy picked me up and we went to the Presidents house (company ..not U.S.) to work on his ailing computer. 20 bad blocks on the drive..suggested new drive. He said OK.
On a side note: the prez’s girlfriend was walking around the house in pajamas unbuttoned to the navel. She kept asking questions while bending over picking up around the house…nothing was restrained with a few good full views….whoa..got sidetracked there.
Ok..back to work..headed off to Staples for a new drive and Optical Mouse (9pm)
Arrived at casenotes, tore computer down, inserted new drive, started WIn98 install…
Off to HOOTERS for Dinner (10pm)
Back to Casenotes (11:20pm) install done…now Office 97 and try to get some documents from the old drive. Then ran scandisk..and headed home (12:15am)
Deb was snoozing when i got home…laid my head down at 12:45am…Goodnight.

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