With Chris Cornell’s death my morning coffee produced a new top ten..Bond Songs’¦and here we go’¦

The rules for this are convoluted and of course my own, but ‘Works in context of the movie’ is my number one criteria.

10. Thunderball 1965

9. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1969 (Just a theme…but a great one)

8. Licence to Kill 1989

7. The Living Daylights 1987

6. Live and Let Die 1973

5. Casino Royale 2006

4. The Spy Who Loved Me 1977

3. GoldenEye 1995

2. Goldfinger 1964

1. Skyfall 2012

And the worst 5 ‘¦in no particular order:

Bottom – Die Another Day  2002
Bottom – Diamonds Are Forever  1971
Bottom – The Man with the Golden Gun   1974
Bottom – Spectre  2015
Bottom – You Only Live Twice  1967

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