Another One Bites the Dust!!
Had a fun weekend, went to Vegas for my friends Bachelor Party. Not so much a Party as an excuse for them to gamble. The trip was planned for 10 people but at the last minute was dropped to 3. I being the third. The first night they did their “We do this evertime” casio crawl to find the best lines on Pro Football games. (I stopped betting Pro Football in 1999 went trent green went down in the second preseason game. And since we won the superbowl that year..I saw it as an omen. I will do side bets, htis year i bet a Hooters meal and apparel that the Chargers would Split the Raiders, but i never bet with money.) This took 5 hours and i thought this was what it was all gonna be about. Went to the hotel and slept till 10AM. A new day..We ran over to RIO for breakfast (Nice place..subpar buffet).we headed downtown..why..unknown..But since both of them were asian…i had an idea: “The Californian” The place were asians gamble. Played a few hands of blackjack Start=$40 – End=$60. Then hit some slots: Start=$1 – End=$35… So all in all a good trip downtown. Jimmy needed a we went back to the hotel. After a few hours of Cartoon Network and Dennis explaining to me the reason that Wonder woman can fly without a jet and the fact that green lantern is now black, it was time for some stripping.
But first food and NASCAR. Went to the Sahara to ride SPEED and do the virtual Nascar Race. I Came in second, dennis was forth and jimmy got stuck in the pits and was last. Ate at the NASCAR cafe..really bad. Then off to the Strip clubs, First up: Crazy Horse 2..Alcohol servered..time to leave..quickly went to Deja Vu Showgirls…three hours later..back to the hotel for sleep. Jimmy and dennis went back out to gamble while i was sleeping. Next morning had breakfast in New York, New York and headed home. Was a little late for the Rams game but Deb TIVO’d it for me….all was good…

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