Finally getting around to up dating the site, New Top tens and updates to my wish list. Next up…updating my DVD and Laser collection, New Rams stuff, removing XFL stuff..In other words..a whole lot to do.
Forgot to tell you guys about the new ferret in the house..The Big M has become a ‘shelter’ lately. His name is EDDIE, he is 3 and is a all-white-black-eye. He is very lazy (i kinda like that about him) and has assimilated very well into the ferret habitat. They all play and sleep together very well. Hope to have some pics up by the end of this week.
On other fronts..looks like the Norhtern Alliance Attack on Kabul will be anyday now. The bombing runs have been constant on the front lines, and today they announced the use of the ‘Daisy Cutter’ BLU-82.
This little beauty is the size of a VW Bug and 60 times more powerful than a scud. It works alot like the opening and closing sequences in ‘OUTBREAK’. Ground zero extends out a couple hundred yards and even boulders turn into grains of sand. It’s an old weapon (Nam,Gulf War,..etc) but a very good one.
Hopefully CNN will have some video.

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