Howdy kids…lets see…went to San Diego for the weekend to catch the Charger Game and celebrate some family birthdays. Saturday night watched the AZ Diamondbacks slaughter the Yanks to take it to game seven, then went with Deb,Dia,Mike,Jay,Maghan and cammie to see Monsters Inc. Very cute and well done..a lil’ darker than the other Pixar stuff. (4.5 of 5). Then off to the game on sunday..did a lil tailgating (Deb and I sporting Rams gear..jus tto get a rise out of people) and into the game. The first half looked like KC was finally coming out of their slump. But it was more the level of SUCK the SD has dropped down to. They should pull out of it by the raider game in 2 least i hope. Got to om’s in time to see the 6th inning Game 7…good lord what a game. Congrats AZ. Then we drove home about 8.
Nothing new on the Moor front..we sent in more advisers..bombed the front lines..and heard from the united arab counsel that Osama doesnt speak for them..well duh. If they stated the other way they would have a real shit storm coming their way.
All for now..big game tonight (DENVER v OAKLAND…go Denver!!!)

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