Its been a campaign for the ages…and at postime only 5% of the Wikileaks emails have been released. We haven’t even got to the Bill Clinton underage sex tape or Trump off-camera Apprentice footage….So hang on to your butts America.

THE BIG ONE’¦President:
OMSmedia selects : Donald J Trump

Why Trump
1. Awesome Name
2. Knows the entire Tax code and what a P and L sheet is
3. Is a Builder and a Doer (and a grabber)
4. Hires the best people (regardless of age/race/sex/politics) Fires non-performers.
5. I want that EGO working for me’¦to Make America Great Again

Why Not Hilary
1. Lack of respect for the Constitution (all sections)
2. Higher Taxes to pay for bigger government.
3. Obamacare apologist
4. Liar, Cheater, Criminal, Traitor and member of the most societally damaging party on earth.
5. Would you want your son to enlist in the armed forces with Hillary as Commander and chief?


California State Senator
Both Democrats’¦Bad
OMSmedia chooses: Loretta Sanchez (husband is a conservative/republican/military lawyer…Hell, I want to marry him)

Proposition 51 $9 billion in bonds for education and schools
OMSmedia Says: NO
A percentage of ALL tax revenue in the state of California must go to education’¦stop asking for it outside that system’¦jeeeezzzus.

Proposition 52 Voter approval of changes to the hospital fee program
OMSmedia Says: NO
This one is a little convoluted’¦so follow me’¦MediCal pays for low income medical services..the Federal Medicaid system matches the funds. To get the number higher California requires hospitals to pay a fee to be a MediCAL member’¦thus raising the reimbursement from the Feds. Seems our pesky lawmakers have been putting the fees in the general fund causing the reimbursements to lower’¦.cool scam huh.
A YES vote does some good’¦and bad things : Requires 2/3 votes for changes, Voter approval (both good)..then exempts school from getting there California mandated percentage (a lot of that going on this election) and puts no end date on the fee’¦Both Bad.

Proposition 53 Projects that cost more than $2 billion
OMSMedia says: YES
There are two kinds of bonds’¦the ones we vote on with propositions and the legislators pay back with the general fund. The others are revenue bonds , these require no voter approval and can be as large as they want. They are paid back with fees and usages charges. A Yes vote means they have to put both versions to the voters.

Proposition 54 Conditions under which legislative bills can be passed
OMSMedia says: YES
This one is easy’¦ALL new legislation has to be locked and posted online 72 hours before being voted on.
(they used to just put it up’¦then made changes, amendments or outright gutting’¦then voted)

Proposition 55 Personal income tax increases on incomes over $250,000
OMSmedia Says: NO
2012 Temporary Tax on the Rich expires as planned’¦don’t renew it. (we already lost thousands of high earners the first time around)

Proposition 56 Increase the cigarette tax by $2.00 per pack
OMSmedia Says: NO
Think of all the places you would want the money to go from such a vice tax’¦cancer research, quit therapy’¦well forget it, it aint going there. It goes to insurance companies to fill shortfalls in the ACA mandates. (also by law all new taxes have a percentage goes to schools’¦this circumvents that)

Proposition 57 Felons convicted of non-violent crimes
OMSmedia Says: NO
Prop 47 didn’t clear out the prisons enough’¦time to let more out…(forget the 10% rise in crime across the state, the 5000 residential burglaries in Torrance or the 2 dead cops in palm springs last week)

Proposition 58 Bilingual education in public schools
OMSmedia Says: NO
Allows for Spanish only classes to be taught in public school’¦sorry kids, if I pay the bills , you are gonna have to learn English at some point..Lets leave the current ESL system in place.

Proposition 59 State’s position on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission
OMSmedia Says: NO
State government is too stupid to realize how feckless this is. Just like when the City of LA announced it would not support the war in IRAQ.

Proposition 60 Require the use of condoms in pornographic films
OMSmedia Says: NO
Good god? If you want them gone’¦just ban it’¦let’s see where that gets you…prudes…The only balls in this state are in the movies.

Proposition 61 Prescription drug price regulations
OMSmedia Says: NO
All state prescription programs must be no more than current federal VA prescription cost….seems nice. But money lost by pharmaceutical companies will spread across the board…so…all prices go up….Vets too.

Proposition 62 Repeal the death penalty
OMSmedia Says: NO
Every 4 years and its back’¦Seriously’¦you hippies really want to take our one real deterrent off the table?

Proposition 63 Background checks for ammunition purchases
OMSmedia Says: NO
It ain’t just ammo…Magazines already regulated become illegal…unregistered firearms can be considered stolen resulting in a felony….Read the second amendment Gavin…you douche!

Proposition 64 Legalization of marijuana and hemp
OMSmedia Says: YES
Colorado’s law didn’t clear out all our slackers and homeless…and those cities are making bank over there…let’s get a piece to the tune of $2.75 and ounce.

Proposition 65Grocery and retail carry-out bags
OMSmedia Says: NO
Tax the bags for environmentalists to use’¦.ummmm no…and I can never support an group called The American Progressive Bag Alliance (While a potential band name…more likely a Berkley sexagenarin meetup group)

Proposition 66Death penalty procedures
OMSmedia Says: NO
Only good thing is it cancels out 62 above’¦but also adds a bit of slavery to the mix. Unless there is a 5 year moratorium on appeals or a Pay-Per-View contract, lets just leave the laws as they are.

Proposition 67 Business reg Prohibition on plastic single-use carryout bags
OMSmedia Says: NO
Fuck you hippies (we are the ones saving trees’¦and some of us have dogs you know)

Long Beach
Representative from California’s 44th District
OMSmedia selects: Neither
This is a shit sandwich…Both Democrats, Liberals, endorsed by the worst among us. Not a single redeeming value with either.
MA ‘“ Marijuana Bill #1
OMSmedia Says: NO
This is the pilling on bill 6%-12% more tax above the $2.75 and ounce tax the state prop would do’¦Too much.
MM ‘“ Marijuana Bill #2
OMSmedia Says: NO
This is a pilling on bill as well: 6% flat tax above the $2.75 an ounce tax the state prop would do’¦plus adds the kicker of no sales after 8pm’¦really?

Official 2016 OMSmedia Voter Guide RECAP
51 – NO
52 – NO
53 – YES
54 – YES
55 – NO
56 – NO
57 – NO
58 – NO
59 – NO
60 – NO
61 – NO
62 – NO
63 – NO
64 – YES
65 – NO
66 – NO
67 – NO
President: Donald Trump
CA Senator: Loretta Sanchez

For the Long Beach Peeps:
44th district – Neither
MM ‘“ NO
MA ‘“ NO

North Torrance High School APN graduates feel free to use this list as what NOT to do…..Go Blue!!

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