American Idol : Diana or Fantasia.
First off-. either can win and I wont be mad-unlike last year, where Clay was clearly the winner over Ruben-s one track (albeit great) style. I think we have the same thing here. Neither is perfect…Diana is too young and unpolished but grew throughout the competition-Fantasia is one-dimensional and far too good to be a lowly American Idol. But I think Diana-s rendition of AI alum Tamyra Grey-s -I Believe- was technically better and will find a wider audience. Fantasia has the soul to make songs of tragedy and loss come alive-But this is a pop idol, not the blues, gospel, jazz or soul that Fantasia WILL dominate for the next 10 years. So my vote goes to Diana (the one I picked when Scooter Girl got kicked at the beginning)-a little drink and a little growing up and she will give Leeann Rimes a run for her money on the charts. Also nice to see some J-lo butts get to the final 2-I-m sure Kelly Clarkson was getting lonely up there.

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