Well…it looks like we made it through halloween without another terrorist offing himself in the name of Allah on U.S. Soil. One new Anthrax case…..we seem to be doing good…Land Battle is about to start, but other Muslim countries are about to start falling apart. We may be seeing the begining of world war three. But that is OK..they have one Nuke between them and russia isnt going to help them. And China is Buddist..they hate muslims too. I read today that even in U.S supported Islamic countires the Islamic leaders and teachers , teach children to hate the USA. What the hell is that. I’ts gonna take decades to unteach those generations.
I’m ready to kick some ass now..I know, I know..it’s like beating up the retarted kid in school. But every now and then he just gets a little uppidy and needs his ass kicked back to the stone age.
At this point I am down to 2 options:
Make Islam Illegal in the US (much the same as Isreal) and close the borders completely to them
Destroy Islam – Middle Ages Style (Cut funding, let them starve to death, then destroy their places of worship)
Hopefully new options will reveal themselves soon.
Saw K-Pax on Halloween (3.5 of 5) I like Iain (HACKERS) Softley as a director, but the movie didn’t have enought magic to make it wonderful..but it was worth the money.

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