American Idol Update
Tonight we should get down to two, hopefully Hawaii will bow down at stop protecting the horrible Jasmine Trias-. she was out of her league 4 weeks ago. Fantasia-. who should have been kicked out cause she was already a superstar-and Diana, the Rocky Balboa of American Idol. Both of them are American Idols and deserve the crown-but Fantasia is on another level, her signature style is nothing ever seen before and can adapt to any music with amazing results. On the other side, as soon Diana gets a few years under her belt (among other things) then watch out Celine, Whitney and Babs-a new diva will be in town. If jasmine gets through tonight-and Fantasia kicked off. I wont fell too bad-cause 6 or 7 record companies will be knocking down her door-.but also because my pick from the beginning, Diana, will win in a landslide.

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