One of earliest memories was of an Arab boy throwing a rock at a tank in Lebanon. My thought was: ‘Boy is that kid stupid’ the tank should shoot him just to improve the overall intelligence of Arabs–I was 10. Well that theory arrived again this week when US airplanes took ground fire and bombed a group on the Syrian border. Military reports show they found large amounts of money, Syrian passports, Satellite communication equipment and of course AK-47s. Arab TV showed a wedding party with women and children in the morgue and stated they were just firing guns in celebration. (The exact same claim filed by Arab TV in July 2002 in Afghanistan- later determined justified) Who is right?…I don’t know, but even if Arab TV was right…hasn’t anybody caught on that celebratory shooting in the air while the US military is in the area…is a real bad move? No wonder Arabs hate India…they throw off the Brown-Skin Bell Curve.

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