Video of American Nick Berg.
Being a war nut, I wasn’t all that surprised by the video. I’ve seen some ugly stuff throughout the years. It was horrifying, but they are trying to show what bad asses they are. In the end the fact they are willing to do it makes them worthless to the human race…and need to be exterminated like roaches. But Islamic Extremists are a truly unique nut to crack. Their poverty-based roots make it very easy to breed these yahoos for generations to come. I think the fact this guy was told to leave and defied the military will hurt the effect it should have on Americans. Which is total destruction of uncivilized bad people. Now the fence sitters are just pissed we are there… again.

I truly believe we are going the right way. Democracy is the only way to handle the oncoming economic civilizations. As long as we have dictatorships and theocracies unwilling to change, we will be fighting against the 18th century. And that means suicide bombers and beheadings (in front of 21st century video cameras)

If we don-t want to take generations to do this, our current path, then we need to take the advice of Josh Lyman: Kill them-. then find the people who planned it and kill them too-then kill everyone who is happy about.

Side note: Still too early on the prison photos for me to make a good judgment. As far as war goes, unless the motivations are revealed, everything is out of context. I still think it-s all a Psych-Op and even the leaking of the pictures is planned. All should be ironed out by election time-that-s usually how this stuff works.

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