Michael Moore and Fahrenheit 9/11
Hollyweird is a buzzing again with the news that Michael Moore new movie ‘Fahrenheit 9/11: The temperature at which freedom burns’ will not be released by the company who made it-. Disney. Michael had a feeling all along since the movie ties Bush to Osama Bin laden and in many ways paints Bush as a terrorist. But is that a reason not to release it? Well yes and no…No in that in American we have a thing called freedom and we can watch and see anything we want. And yes in that Disney is in this to make money and if you piss off half of your audience…that’s millions of dollars out of your pocket. Disney is not anti-Bush…but they are not Pro-bush either, they want money just like every other capitalist organization on earth. Miramax will figure out a way to remove Disney from the equation and release the film, but calling Disney nazis for their censorship…will not get you free tickets to Disneyland. Most people know Michael Moore is a liberal boob whose films only give you enough facts to see it his way. (Don’t get me started how he tarnished one of the great American actors of our time.) Moore-s films are funny and considered entertainment by most Americans (including me)…but don’t look for the mouse to go out on a dying limb for Mike’s liberal cause right now…or ever.

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