coolcreekmanor (4k image)Cold Creek Manor (1.5 of 5)
It gets the one for the good performance of Stephen Dorff, and the .5 for the film being in focus. Everything else is a disaster that shows the cookie cutter demise of the once great mouse. (9/11 produced a lot of casualties but I don’t think anyone thought Disney would be one of them) A swift kick in the balls goes to Figgis who it appears might have shot the film then left the suits to edit and release it, he get a small cheer for making Liz shue nude up in leaving las Vegas-but that was nine years ago. Another ball grazer for Dennis for not really trying all that hard-If the story on the screen was the one on the paper…you should not have even agreed to make the picture. Kudos for Sharon stone for proving that she cant act with clothes on. A bit of a jab goes to Disney for marketing the film as a ghost story-it-s not. It-s a disgruntled previous owner wanting to kill the new owners. Kind of like-House of Sand and Fog- but with bad acting and sledgehammers.

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