killbillvol2_poster (22k image)Kill Bill 2 (4 of 5)
Stupendous, Colossal, Amazing-.and it-s good too. Daffy duck aside KB2 supplies the much-needed closure to The Bride saga. This film seems more of a journey than a revenge flick-twice the dialog…half the action. And there lies the problem. Although the first film could use a bit of trim this film needs a buzz cut. What was on the screen was wonderful, but the whole time I couldn-t help myself in thinking this film would be a 5 of 5 if they combined the two and took out an hour. Bud-s scenes were too long and I while I love Michael Madsen his scenes crawled like a snail. The fight to watch was between Elle and the bride-kiddo-. A knock down, drag out fight that goes down as the best girl on girl action ever filmed, including that whole Seka/Nina Hartley thing, and probably the best climax to a fight yet. The fight with the title character is subdued but for good reason. Uma was top notch-and looked beautiful throughout-even covered in blood and dirt. Which is surprising since the last 3 films she made since her pregnancy made her look tired and/or strung out on drugs. Caradine brings a coolness that from up to now was removed from the all the other character-s dialog. Never rattled and always manipulating-his walk to destiny (you-ll understand when you see) personifies who he is and was truly fitting. Quentin loves making movies- and it shows. He takes us to the underground world and shows us the world of dog eat dog like no one else. His love of Kung-Fu flicks shines through with the quick and ballet-like fights with a bit of USA grunge to bring it home. Probably will wait for a combo set when the DVD comes out. I hear there are some great fights (in the trailers for both films) that didn-t even make it to the screen. The credits put you in a happy place and I thought they were some of the best this year-. but then I saw School of Rock on PPV.

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