schoolofrock (4k image)School of Rock (3 of 5)
Defiantly a been there done that movie….Sister act 2 ,The Fighting Temptations…etc (and that just the ones in the last five years) A non teacher comes in and changes the lives of the students with music. But this film adds a down-and-out rocker poising as the teacher. Jack black knows what it is to be one…so can pull off down-and-out like no other. What makes this film work is the kids and the music being played, in much the same way that ‘The Commitments’music made you tap your foot…and even had you singing a little. The movie doesn’t explain why classic rock is good…or even why jack thinks it’s good..but it doesn’t matter…there is a battle of the bands coming up and he has to get these kids ready to play. The songs are actually good and the kids look like they are actually playing. And by the end you are surprised you were thoroughly entertained by a family film. The real kicker for me was the credits…a jam session with the kids…that truly rocks!

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