walkingtall_poster3 (18k image)Walking Tall (2.5 of 5)
Down and dirty revenge flicks are fun-.but Pg-13-never saw one that worked. Well thanks to the WWE and Dwayne-The Rock- Johnson they have gotten pretty close to making an enjoyable movie. This remake of the true story of Sheriff Buford Pusser, shares absolutely nothing with the original except the name, the wrestler roots and the 4×4 piece of cedar. But-The Rock- is so damn likable he carried the movie all by himself. A side note: Johnny Knoxville should play all white trash hicks-just to make those characters likable as well. The violence pushed the boundaries of PG-13, which was nice, but it made you feel dirty watching it with a bunch of kids in the theater-although I think I was around 12 when I saw the original-and that had head shots. Nothing new and exciting on the cinematography front-just straightforward filmmaking, so not worthy of most $9.00 tickets. Rock is still running hot and is still the only 80-s style action hero going.

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