President Obama added another layer of stupid to the Gun Debate…but go find the highlights yourself…I was done with him after one year in.

Whats going on in Oregon?
One of Bill Whittle’s friends (and someone I subscribe to) breaks it down:

What channel is Al Jazeera on DirecTV?

Another interesting development at CES…the GoGoro GoCharger.
Why So important?… The great GoGoro Scooter design (From HTC designer) was hampered by a required $6000 city hub style multi-unit charger (think of it as ONLY being able to use a supercharger station on the Tesla)…can now be charged at home.
Which means they will start selling them here in the US. 65 mile range, all electric (0-50 in 4 seconds) with removable batteries.

And now for a classic… Reagan Q&A on Air traffic controllers.

I remember the speech…but not from the announcement…it was the 8:30 mark after a journalist asked if there was a less harsh punishment that can be utilized…Then BAM! REAGAN!!

Watched the Spacex landing again this morn (while popping some Garcinia Cambogia)…a bit of wee came out this time…well done everyone.

Finishing up viewing the 2015 Films…top ten coming soon.

That’s all for today..

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