Starting a new segment for my Journal: Flat File Export. These are some of my thoughts about the recently departed that had an effect on me in one way or another.

Flat File Export: Peter Ustinov 1921-2004
For me it started with the dopey King Richard from Disney-s Robin Hood in 1973 and the connection I had with him a few years later with the only Sci-Fi film of the time that wasn-t rated R (and to think-it had the best nudity of all of them) Logans Run. Seeing the old man and hearing his voice, I just knew I heard it some place before. And once I got the connection, he became my first recollection of the whole 6 degrees concept. Yep…I was 9. He had a few memorable bouts as Hercule Poirot .Sparticus, which I saw way after it came out, was his biggest. 1999-s-The Bachelor- was the last film I saw him in-. and every time he spoke-I flashed back to King Richard in the back of his chariot…counting his money-.

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