Took the Presidential Personality Test . I am most like Dwight Eisenhower.
Made me go hmmm? .. other than the spot on hairline…but under further review:

Likely to be skeptical of minorities and sexual deviants.
More likely to be pro-life rather than pro-choice.
Likely to feel that any sensible person must start with the status quo.
Likely to regard philosophical discussions a waste of time.
Likely to pursue interests in the real world, rather than bury yourself in book knowledge.
More likely to generally disagree with your immediate friends and family.
More likely to stand your ground and push back against people who are hostile to you, or with whom you are in disagreement.
More likely to support the use of capital punishment.
Less likely to take a favorable view of government welfare programs.
More likely to enjoy fitness training and physical exercise.
More likely to nurture a few select beliefs that you regard as settled in stone.
Less likely to flirt with harm and danger.
Less likely to have insurance or to belong to a labor union.

Holy Shit…other than the ‘Fitness Training’, it is spot on…and I assure you none of the questions give the slightest inkling on these possible answers.

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