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Congrats to Heath Farwell #55 and the Seahawks for destroying the #1 offense in the league with Payton Manning. Bruno Mars is not in any of my collections, but I must commend him on a great unoffensive show…no zipping needed…I really enjoyed it. Great solo start all the way to a great solo ending.

Now on to the other festivities:

Three Best Commercials
Chrysler wins again’¦not Clint Eastwood good’¦.but Americana good. And a hippie selling capitalism (very well I might add)
VW ‘“ wings and rainbow butts’¦awesome
Radio Shack ‘“ 80’s awesome’¦a DVR pausing cornucopia of neato!
Runner up shout out to the Protective father Hyundai commercial

Three Worst Commercials
Honda ‘¦More like bad timing’¦It’s a blowout..and the first words are ‘œGreat Game Right’
Multiculturalism Bullshit’¦I want people in all races and nationalities talking and singing in English about freedom. Stop equating other cultures as equal to America ‘¦We want the best of all the cultures to be part of being an American…Why so racist?…well this multiculturalism divides us…the constitution was written in English and I believe that level of patriotism should be bind us together, lets face it…it’s why you came!!!…so bring your culture in..but leave the language at home…because your language is not your best feature.

And finally a 4 way tie’¦I even refuse to link them: H&M (David Beckman), U2 (Red), Peace (AXE), Butterfinger’¦early 90’s mentality on all four’¦Bad early 90’s mentality.

P.S. Ellen’s commercial (for whatever it was for) got way too gay in the first 5 seconds’¦so I zipped through it’¦sorry

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