infernalaffairs (8k image)Infernal Affairs (3 of 5)DVD
The film rates very high for HK Cinema and was very popular over there. Story of a gang soldier slipped into the police academy, and an academy student put undercover in a gang. A tight little thriller as we follow each of them-climb the ladder- over 10 years. Culminating in a police investigation that puts them head to head. The real power is the character development and attention to detail, not the gun fights (there really isn-t any). Overall the film is well done but much better executed in earlier films like the near perfect “John Woo’s Hard Boiled”. When Woo and Tong and Lam left Hong Kong on 99, great cinema left with them…this is the film that supposedly put it back on the map…a I think it is good enough too to that. They have already made 2 sequels (3rd one is supposed to be very good)

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