passion (4k image)The Passion of the Christ (2.8 of 5)
My friend Jimmy-s church bought a theater for an advanced screening in Puente hills last night. My knowledge of religion is a more of -a little about all- then-a lot about one-. But the Christian religion has always perplexed me (no where near the Mormon-pieces in the hat- thing, but close). There was just too much evidence that this was a regular guy and that following him as seemed a bit sacrilegious. All other religions seemed to have less physical evidence and more blind faith. By putting a physical presence to Christ it left it much more open to ridicule. OK-.that being said-the movie was much more of a biblical Wrestlemainia 1 (when they still had blood) than an account of the life of Christ. This movie depicts the last 12 hours or so, which if you used it to define Christ-s life, was way short of all the good he did. There is some good-Coin in the Ear- and John Edward style prophesies, but mostly it is about the fear Christ feels knowing what is about to happen to him. The whole movie was more of a-You know the glorious story of Christ-now see the R Rated ass-whoopin that was the last few hours- If you have seen the Murals of Forest Lawn you have seem this movie. From a storytelling stand point, the lack of narrative leads me to believe that only theologians will understand this film-.and that is why all the studios balked at releasing this. Unless you know who everybody is (and some were made up anyways) then movie doesn-t make too much sense-like a giant inside joke. The whole movie was in Aramaic, Latin and Hebrew which made it very realistic, but also laborious to watch-but hey ..Wrestlemainia could be in Hebrew and you would still get the point. All in All the film didn-t move me, I keep wondering what the motives behind everybody was. The film seemed more like the last chapter of a movie instead of a whole movie. Pontius Pilate was the most flushed out of them all-.and he slaughtered Jews worse than Hitler not 5 years later, so was his compassion fake?. Mel-s love of the martyr made him a good choice for making the film, and he did a good job. But more money and a little more back-story would have made this a standard of religious films, instead of a snapshot of one event. So-was it anti-Jew-.ummm yea-Was Shindlers List anti-German? Umm..yea. Jews were involved and did the deed-that means the Power Jews were the bad guys. But everyone who supported Jesus and cried during the crucifixion was Jewish, so it evens out. So… sorry Jews, you have see one of the major faux pas of your religion up on the big screen in 2004-but deal with it and move on-and for each time you condemn it- it will only hurts you that much more. Saw this in a 500 Person theater sponsored by Asian churches, so yes it was like staying at the Lady Luck in Vegas-but I did see one other white guy so all was good.
Lesson Learned: When you are on the cross-don-t laugh at the son of god-s misfortune-. those crows can be viscous!

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