big-f (4k image)Big Fish (2.5 of 5)
Sometimes Burton-s eye gets him in trouble. Less because of off-beat imagination and more due to taking the narrative to far away from the story. Pee-Wee, Batman and Ed Sissorhands are masterpieces. But after that the visuals started taking us away from the stories-Batman Returns,Mars Attracks,Sleepy Hollow..etc. Big Fish falls under the latter. The real problem is that the visuals are the only thing that makes the film watchable. The tragic level of the story is such a downer that the fun and light stories throughout just are not very sweet. Kind of like when you have to goto the bathroom at a theater, sure the stuff on the screen is good and enthralling-but not great because you are in so much pain. Remember how much you liked ‘Pay it forward’-.til the end. Big Fish was like sitting through the next showing of Pay it forward-right after you saw it.

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