last-s (13k image)The Last Samurai (3.5 of 5)
I have most of Ed Zwick-s films. From ‘Glory’ to ‘Courage Under Fire’, from ‘Legends of the Fall’ to the frighteningly prophetic-The Siege-. So his style has always appealed to me. He doesn-t disappoint once again with an almost ‘too american’ telling of the last of the samurais of Japan. The western world moves into Japan to the emperor-s delight, but a samurai leader is starting a resistance to help maintain some tradition. Tom Cruise is brought in to train the new Army, but once he is captured by the samurais, he learns he may be on the wrong side. Blinded by the glitter of the western world, the young emperor himself realizes, albiet too late, the reason for tradition. Big in scale and just as brutal as some of the best Kirosawa flicks. Zwick slo-motion of dynamic and tragic events sells the action perfectly. More of a moral tale that a great journey through war tatics and culture. And everyone speaking English was a bit weird. But still an A-list flick.

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