This week Vice ‘“President Biden tries to figure out how far he can go with gun control(without the citizens coming to the capital and shooting the lot of them). Also the first meetings were with anti-gun groups, aren’t they already on the same side…I’m guessing just alot of nodding was happening.

But if it turns unconstitutional….I submit a warning courtesy of Leonidas I : ‘˜Molon labe’™.
If a confiscation executive order comes down (about a million to one shot on that) then I assure you the enforcement will not be a picnic, and the sick days at the police station will go up. So I’™m sure all that will come of this is a same stupid Brady bill that did nothing but ban guns that ‘˜Look like something bad’™ and restricting bullet clips to 10. Or maybe threats to pull street paving funds for states with CC permits. Any more than that’¦the ‘˜Americans’™ will finally come out to defend, and if you think 2010 was a historic landslide’¦you ain’t seen anything yet.

So a refresher:
The second amendment is not about hunting.
Guns are for defense AND Killing People’¦.Bad people.
Guns are power and a deterrent
Guns cannot hurt or kill people on their own.
Amendment 1 is meaningless without 2 to defend it.

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